As is clear from my CV, I'm a physicist. Below I give an overview of the topics that I have worked on, starting with the most recent subject.

Nano optics - In nano optics, the idea it to study and manipulate light on length scales that are (much) smaller than its wavelength. This can be achieved by making small structures using a dielectric material with a high refractive index (such as silicon or titania) or by making the structures out of nobel metals.

Supercontinuum lasers and frequency combs - Lasers are normally known for their narrow spectrum. In supercontinuum lasers, nonlinear effects are exploited to broaden the spectrum of a pulsed laser to span more than an octave. The beauty of these devices is that they are white light sources, but with all the coherence properties your expect from lasers.

Optical lattices - When we focus a red detuned laser beam inside a cloud of atoms, the atoms will be drawn to the focus. This is known as an optical dipole trap or optical tweezer. When we then retroreflect the laser beam, a standing wave if formed. As the atoms want to be in region of high intensity, they will want to sit on the anti-nodes of the standing wave. Such a so-called optical lattice can be used to trap atoms in an artificial crystal. Optical lattices have been used to great success to study problems in condensed matter physics.